OTDR Tester

TR600 series OTDR 

Highly accurate, easy-to-use intelligent optical FTTx OTDR, Built-in VFL, 6.5 inch Touch screen 850nm~1625nm,18~38dB

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TR300 series OTDR 

Palm intelligent optical FTTx OTDR, Touch screen One-key quick analysis Built-in VFL 1.8M Event dead zone 1310/1550nm,24~32dB

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Fusion splicer

ATS-4 Splice expert 

New generation fusion splicer,4 motor, 3S fast boot, 6S quick splice, 5 inch touch screen, SOC/FTTH application, GUI user firendly menu operation

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ATS-6 Easy splicing

Full-featured FTTH fusion splicer, precise Core alignment, unique patented fixture for SOC. Highly reliable, endurable , easy maintenance. 

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Handheld tester

OPM101-Power meter

-70~+6/-50~+26dBm FC/SC/ST high-end fiber detector Stable output Rugged design

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OMT105- Multi-tester

Built-in OPM&OLS&VFL in one tester OPM auto ID wavelength & frequency

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OLS201-Light source

High-quality stable Fiber optic light source 5 wavelengths 850/1300/1310/1490/1550nm Strong output power 

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FR501-Fiber ranger

Locate breaking point,test up to 8 event points Live fiber detection Built-in VFL Automatic pulse width setting

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Fiber cleaver

ATC-8 One-click cleaver

Easy one-click fiber cleaver , cleaving angle<0.5, blade life: 48,000 ,3-in-one fiber clamp , precise fiber cleaver

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ATC-9 fiber cleaver

Precie fiber cleaver , easy cleaving , 0.5 degree cleaving angle, multi-purpose fixture, long-lifetime blade

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Fiber inspection

Filed microscope (400/200X)

Professional fiber optical microscope Definition 0.5u Magnification 400/200X Super-long LED life 100000 hours Built-in filter

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Inspection microscope with LCD

One-way focus control for instant detection, precise resolution (<1 μm),High definition image and video, no noise or flash..

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Fiber cleaning 

Pen type connector cleaner

Connector : SC/FC/ST 

Cleaning time : >800 times 

Compliant with EU/95/2002/EC RoHS

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Tape connector cleaner

Cassette tape cleaner 

Cleaning time : >500 times

Quality tape for quality cleaning

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FTTH tool bag

FTTH tool bag KF-07A

  1. Fiber cleaver 

  2. Power meter 

  3. Visual fault locator 

  4. Fiber stripper 

  5. Indoor cable stripper 

  6. Alcohol bottle 

  7. Carrying bag

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FTTH tool bag KF-07B

  1. Fiber cleaver 

  2. Power meter 

  3. Visual fault locator 

  4. Fiber stripper 

  5. Indoor cable stripper 

  6. Inclined pliers

  7. Alcohol bottle 

  8. Carrying bag

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2016 OFC ( USA ) 

The Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition

March 5th-7th  BOOTH: B036


The Biggest event for fiber optic ,network, wireless, data center, security, IPTV in South America

August 15th-17th BOOTH: A91


ECOC provides a unique opportunity to stay connected to the latest innovations in the field as well as for networking and interaction

Sepetember 18th-22nd  BOOTH: D098


CommunicAsia continues to be Asia’s most established and relevant event for industry professionals in the telecommunications sector.

June 26th-28th  BOOTH: B189

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